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I woke up late this morning. Very late, in fact. The truth is, when I attempted to put the alarm clock on snooze, I hit the off button. I realized this when I did it, and told myself I would get up in a few minutes, but I never did. Not until 8:30am.

After hearing E say so many times, "If you're going to be late, that's fine. Just let me know where you are" I decided I would do just that, so I sent him an email:

My alarm clock went out in a power failure last night due to the storm. I overslept and am just now waking up.

I will be in late.

He replied with the following message:

Do you need me to start calling you in the mornings, like I do for my kids?

This really upset me. I had half a mind to write him back with the following:

Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll be okay. Since I didn't have any meetings this morning, and all my employees currently have plenty of work there is no problem with me coming after 8:30am.

What I find a bit upsetting is that you wouldn't have a problem with my "lateness" if it had occurred in the afternoon. I know for a fact that I could have come into your office at 3pm and said "I have some stuff I need to take care of at home, so I am going to get out of here a little early" and you would have been fine with that. I know that there have been MANY times that you have come to me early in the afternoon and said "I've got to go get my daughter's car fixed" or "I am going to go over to J's place and fix his computer" or any other number of excuses to leave early. In fact, there have been several occasions where you have left very early with no reason at all.

Can you please tell me what it is that occurs at 8am that doesn't occur at 4pm that is so very important that I make it to every day?

Can you also explain to me the difference between an Exempt and a Non-Exempt employee?

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Just after T left, several months ago, E came to me and told me that he knew I had been considering leaving this job for something better. On top of that, he knew that T was trying hard to convince me to work for the company he had just moved to. E told me that he would talk to J (his boss) about getting me a retention package. According to him it was to be approximately $15,000 and would be delivered over the course of a year with the stipulation that, if I were to leave before the year were up, I wouldn't get any more of the money.

Our VP said that the company just didn't do that sort of thing, but, according to E, he continued to fight for me. Several months went by, and I saw no money. Week after week, E would approach me, telling me that we should be getting the final word next week, yet the final word never came. At first, I counted on the money. I actually spent about $2,000 of it, before finally realizing it wasn't ever going to come and that I should just forget about it. E continued to tell me of the trouble he was having getting it, but that he and J were fighting for it, and that they had managed to go over the VPs head in order to get it done. I waited, this time with much less anticipation.

Eventually, E came to me and told me that they just couldn't do it. That there was no possible way that this company was going to let it happen. So... instead, he was contacted HR to get my position upgraded from a level 4 to a level 2. This was great news. This meant I would be the same level as E, only on a different track (for Contributors as opposed to Managers). Of course, having been lied to so much before, I didn't really believe him. However, should it go through it would mean a pay raise, better benefits, more stock options, and a higher salary cap.

About three weeks later (today) E comes into my office and says, "I fucking hate your goddamn company." I laugh, attempting to decide what it is he is talking about. He starts to tell me that he is having a hard time getting the promotion to go through, so, in the meantime he has managed to get me a small bonus ($2,500) by bundling me into a group of people that performed a software conversion and claiming that I worked many hours on that project simply because that project is getting rewarded with money.

I'm not holding my breath this time.